About Frames

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Brands are like people. They stand out through their unique personalities and attitudes.


At FRAMES, we always see the potentials in people we meet and we’re here to discover and crystialised their unique story to inspire action and excitement.

Our Philosophy:

Brand creation & transformation.

We are here to understand the unique truths of each client – their goals and vision, challenges and opportunities, people and purpose – and create strategy that propels them toward their highest aspirations.

We find ways to connect with client with that they want, need, desire, or lack—and solving those problems in ways that are quick, easy, delightful, or unexpected.

To create or transform a rich and insightful brand image.

Our process:

1. Review

Find the purpose, the target audience & the promise to delivered under competitive landscape & different cultural context.

3. Create

Create design options and develop the chosen route into an identity system to work across all media.

2. Define

Formation of the brand story with our personality & brand promise as the basis to develop creative work.

4, Thrive

Set brand guideline and applications items to introduce the live brand to market.

Our clients:

Proudly served some of the most famous brands:

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